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Installing Acorn

This page contains full details on how to install the various components required to run Acorn. Most people will only need to install the client which can be found immediatly below. If you are interested in running a server, please go the second half of the page.

Installation from CD

Installation of the Acorn client and server is managed by the Loki setup program. To start the installation, run from the CD, and follow the on screen instructions.

If you do not have the CD available, the easiest option is to download the CD image from one of the worldforge download sites, and install directly from the image. You can do this either by mounting the image as if it were a CD using loopback, or by using you favorite CD writing software to write the image to a recordable CD.

To mount the image using loopback, create the mount point and mount the image as root as follows:

[root at localhost:~] mkdir /mnt/tmp
[root at localhost:~] mount -t iso9660 -o loop /tmp/acorn-0.4-min.iso /mnt/tmp

Note that that acorn-0.4-min.iso image is smaller than the full image, but still contains all of Acorn. Once you have done this, it is as if the CD were mounted on /mnt/tmp, and you can follow the rest of the instructions as if you were installing from CD.

Client notes:

The acorn client is called uclient. Uclient can be installed anywhere on your system, but you must specify the directory where the software is installed the first time you run it. After invoking uclient, you will be asked where it is installed. Simply type in the directory given when you installed the software with "/share" added to the end.

Server notes:

The acorn server is called cyphesis. Cyphesis is not quite as flexible, and must be installed in /opt/forge. setup will attempt to install the required files in /opt/forge no matter what directory you specify for the installation, though the programs themselves can be installed anywhere, and will be installed in the bin directory specified. Read the section bellow on server installation details for information on how to set up and run your server.


If uclient does not run properly, make sure you do not have any uclient config files from older version of Acorn in your home directory. Remove the .uclient directory from your home directory, and then try uclient again.

If uclient exits with the error Segmentation Fault shortly after starting, try removing or renaming the /opt/forge/share/forge/music directory.

If you still have trouble getting it to work, ask for help on irc (server, channel #forge).

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RPMs of uclient, and packages it depends on are not currently available, but it is hoped that they will be soon.

To install from source, get the source package from the download page, and read the installation instructions included. In order to build uclient you will need the following packages:-

Running UClient for the first time

If everything has been installed correctly, uclient will present a menu screen on startup. Click on the Connect button to find a server. Uclient will search for a server, and offer a list. If you know of a particular server you want to play on, click on the Specify Host button, and type in the name of the server. You are required to enter a user name, and a password. If this is the first time you have connected to the server then press New Account. If you connected to this server before, press login.

If you're running the cyphesis server locally, use localhost as the server name.

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If you've never logged into acorn before, cyphesis will create an account for you using the username and password you supply. Passwords are case sensitive. Acorn is a persistent game world, so your character will remain in the world after you log off, so it's important to keep track of your username and password.

Server setup

The server, cyphesis is now written in C++. Source and binary distributions are available from the download pages. The server binary package on the CD includes the python runtime environment, so there are no longer any issues with the version of Python you have installed. If you are installing from source, you will need a development installation of Python 1.5.2. It is possible that cyphesis will work with other versions of python, but it has not been tested, and there are known runtime issues with Python version 2. Python is available from, and is installed in most Linux distributions by default. At time of writing both RedHat and Debian were still shipping with Python 1.5.2. The simplest way to set up an Acorn server is to install from the CD. The server python runtime has been compiled to run in /opt/forge so it will be unpacked in /opt/forge by the setup program.

Note that the acorn client script must be able to write to the /opt/forge/share/cyphesis/client directory to create log files. The best way to achieve this is probably to set the ownership of the /opt/forge recursively to the user which will be used to run the server. Before starting the server you should set the admin password so remote users will not be able to control your server. Use the cypasswd command to do this. The first time you run cypasswd it will force you to set the admin passwd. From then on you can use it to administrate user accounts. If you want to have full control over who can use your server, you can run it in restricted mode by setting the restricted flag in /opt/forge/share/cyphesis/cyphesis.vconf to true. If this option is set, then the only way to create accounts is using the cypasswd tool. If you have installed cyphesis from source, then you need to load the world database before you start it for the first time. The source for cyphesis includes 4 agrilan*.xml files. They are loaded into the database using the cydbload tool.

[ajr@carom cyphesis-C++]$ cydbload agrilan.xml 
629 objects stored in world database.

If you have installed from CD, then the database is already loaded with all the agrilan map data.

To start the server, run cyphesis to start the server itself. In another terminal window, run the acorn script. This client connects to the server, creates all the game entities, and sets up their behavior. Once the server has been populated, the client can be killed. This will reduce load on the server, and on the server machine. The client will list all the entities as it creates them.

To install from source, get the source package from the download page, and read the installation instructions included. In order to build cyphesis you will need the following packages:-