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Acorn Battleplan

Milestone 3 has now been achieved and a planning meeting was held on March 24th 2001 to plan the requirements for milestone 4. It is our intention to achieve, test and release milestone 4 before LinuxTag which begins on July 5th 2001.

Features required for milestone 4:
Server side collision detection and resolution.
Server side sight and sound ranges.
True semantic map implementation in server and client allowing player to go into buildings.
Support for metaserver in client and server.
Improved trading with many more types of goods.
Enhance weather to include snow, varying intensity of weather, and both at the same time.
Handle day and night.
Animations for the butcher butchering pig, buying and selling, plus some idle animations.
Reflections and shadows.
Scripting in uclient.

glowing range by Pegasus

Old Acorn Battleplan

Complete remaining tasks from milestone 2, including: (Target: End of Jan)
- Fully document rule system to be implemented
- Set up basic storyline and some ingame player goals
- Create mostly comprehensive required art list
- Create mostly comprehensive required sounds/music list
- Generate mostly comprehensive list of required Atlas commands
- Generate mostly comprehensive client features list.
- Decide which clients will initially be used for Acorn. This list can be expanded as other clients mature.

These should be fully documented in the acorn or client sections of the site.

Complete remaining tasks from milestone 3, including: (Target: March-ish)
- Update all acorn clients to support all required features (level 4 compliance).
- Create all graphics identified in aforementioned list
- Create all sounds and music identified in aforementioned list
- Entity object hierarchy is able to handle all game objects (mind ones)
- Player accounts can be created, passwords checked, and access permissions tracked.
- Collision detection and resolution works to prevent incorrect movements, as well as permitting activation of other functionality.
- Server scripts for critter and NPC ai. They need to be able to respond to commands said in the chat channel, conduct limited pathfinding, and seek food.
- Add capability for collisions to cause noise (written in the chat channel).
- Create a scoring system in the server to track the score and keep track of the time until someone hits 100 points. And keep track of who the top ten players are.

Milestone 4: Delivery of Alpha Product for Testing (Target: End March)

Milestone 5: Test Review Report (Target: End April-ish)

Milestone 6: Delivery of Beta Product for Playtesting (Target: TBR)

Milestone 7: Playtest Report (Target: TBR)

Milestone 8: Delivery of Final Product (Target: TBR)

Original Battleplan