"Hail adventurer! Won't you stop and rest a bit from your travels so that I might show you my fine goods?" - Bill Brondmore Merchant of Agrilan

I bid you welcome to my humble software stall in the WorldForge bazaar! I invite you to examine or poke anything that you find of interest. In my stall you will find all things relating to our wonderful little game of pig farming we call Acorn. Our stall (and game) may be small when compared to others, but we are a proud lot and consider ourselves something of pioneers. Acorn is a simple little game that will provide a proving ground for blending existing WorldForge technologies and help pave the way for future game development.

If I might brag a bit here is a list of features in Acorn which are new to the WorldForge bazaar:

*yawn* Such details bore me so, but some seem to take such delight in them I feel I simply must mention them. I would much rather show you a screenshot what our little game looks like rather than prattle on about the widgets and gears that make our little wonder function.

Now some merchants walking outside the WorldForge bazaar have been heard snickering and muttering, "A game of pig farmers?? *snerk* Surely a game of rescuing young maidens and slaying mighty monsters would be much more suitable!" To these people I say can you not go outside of these walls and find the streets lined with vendors peddling these types of games? Do you really want to keep playing the same recycled games over and over again just because that is what is put in front of you? Besides, any fool who has been a pig farmer long knows that getting a pig to do what you wish is more formidable a task than slaying any dragon! I would invite you to go to my good friend Bill Brondmore's house to find out more about the adventures and wealth that pig farming can hold for an ambitious person such as yourself. Here, take this map of Agrilan as well as this map of the city's heart as it will aid you in your journey...


Greetings friend!! Please come in and have a seat at my table! hmmmm... I see by your knotty cane and... well... if you'll pardon me I judge by your appearance that you have come to Agrilan for employment, perhaps in tending swine? Oh, no need to look embarassed! Swine husbandry is indeed a time honored tradition in our little town and many a man has made a tidy sum of money in your prospective profession. Why this very roof that you sit under was paid for initially by swine tending! Alas, had you only come a year or two earlier to our village. I would have told you of wealth virtually waiting to be plucked from the ground! Sadly, this is not as true as it once was. Lately strange times have befallen our land in equal measure to the ample rain we have been blessed with. Strange and horrible creatures wander about the woods just outside of our once peaceful little vale driven to our lands from the south by who knows what!

Ah, but I see I am scaring you. I should instead tell you all I know about being successful at tending swine, that is sure to take your mind off such dire matters. The first thing you need to know is where to get a pig and where to sell it so that you can start making your fortune right away! There is often a pig seller in the eastern part of town and the butcher shop is quite close by. Now pig sellers are usually small wily fellows who get by on their wits so don't let him charge you more than 10 pence for a 5kg pig! Wily devils!! sigh Of course there are many other trouble makers who will try to cause you much grief. There are some unscrupulous swine herders who make a living from stealing other people's pigs! Can you imagine?! You don't look like that sort to me but do be mindful other people are not as honest and hard working as you and I! Once you get your pigs fattened up on acorns you will want to take them on a trip to see the butcher and make some money for all your trouble!

The butcher is a jolly old fellow and he will gladly pay you for any portly pig that you're willing to part with. The going rate right now is 1 pence for every kilogram that your pig weighs. Of course the butcher also offers sausages in case you would like a small snack or for other purposes that I will discuss with you later.

Aaah, I see you're doing the calcuations in your head and finding the prospects of a pig farm-... ahem swine herder aren't so shabby as you once did! So, now the question of where to take your pigs to get fattened up, eh? Well, I will tell you a little secret that few know. Pigs fatten up the fastest when eating acorns! Slop your hogs and you will find they barely gain a gram even after a full day of feeding. Ah, but feed them acorns and they will swell right before your very eyes! Sometimes you will find that acorns are very scarce on the ground. Don't be afraid to shake the trees to give your pigs all the fresh acorns they need to become plump and profitable!

Although I hesitate to do so I feel I must mention some of the dangers that lurk in the woods for your piggies. Recently we have found giant crabs of all things wandering around the forest. These crabs seem to be attracted by sound so do your best to make very little noise if you see one for they will eat your small pigs which are under 10kgs.

Snarling Wolf

Another creature that has recently arrived to our forests are packs of ravenous wolves. These wolves will eat almost anything smaller than themselves which includes both crabs and pigs around 10kgs so do be careful! One trick that I learned when I was a swine herder such as yourself was to carry around a large quantity of sausages to feed a wolf so he would follow me around and eat any crabs that wandered in the vicinity of my treasured sows. Just be mindful that you keep plenty of sausages on hand for the wolves' appetite knows no bounds!

The final danger are the ghoulish remains of the undead which seems to arise any time movement is close by. These horrid skeletons eat only large pigs which are 42 kgs or heavier. All of the creatures of the earth run in fear at the sight of these undead somehow sensing it's unholy nature. Steer clear of them if you are able!

*yawn* I see by the shadows that the hour is late and I have told you all that I know of swine herding. Come I will show you a room where you can rest your head this evening for tomorrow will be a busy day filled with wonder and adventure...

- Indor Fergman Swine Provisioner of Agrilan

- A special thanks to Dean Witcraft for planting the web seeds here from which acorns freely fall...

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