Werewolf Design Specifications

-Very Very Very Rough Draft 1-


Werewolf is an online multiplayer roleplaying game of mystery and intrigue based on the popular party game of the same name. The objective: Survival. You are cast as a simple villager in the town of Brackenbog Hollow, where nightly murders have been taking place for quite some time. Your fellow villagers are outraged at these turn of events and will stop at nothing to destroy the foul creature causing this chaos. But the question remains: Who (or what) is responsible for these horrid acts? Some of your fellow villagers have come forward claiming to have a special 'vision' that allows them to see these murders taking place. Do these so-called 'seers' know what is happening? Or are they just covering their own tracks with these obviously demonic visions? The decision lies with you, but you had best discover the truth quickly. The local magistrate has decreed that one villager shall be executed each day until these terrible murders subside. Choose your allies wisely, for it may be your neck at the end of that noose.

Player Types:

Villager - The average citizen.
Seer - The same as a villager, yet they receive visions of the murders.
Werewolf - Formerly an average villager who by some freak act of nature became cursed with the disease of lycanthropy. They must kill nightly to keep the madness inside of them.

Game Play:

Day Gameplay -
The citizens roam freely throughout the village. They can converse with other villagers
and try to make alliances. At some point in the day they must stop by the Magistrate's
office and cast their vote for who they want to lynch.
Seers and Werewolf do exactly the same as the villagers in the day.
At some point in the day, the Magistrate will appear in the town square and announce the results of the daily vote. The player with the most votes will be summoned to the front and executed.

Night Gameplay -
At night all of the villagers are asleep. The werewolves stalk the streets hunting for
a victim. Seers can select one player to have visions of during the night.

Player Info:

The following information needs to be stored server-side for each player.
Name, Status [Villager, Werewolf, Seer], Survival/Kill Points, Skill List

Character Creation:

Players pick a name and an avatar for their character. The server determines if it's time to make a Werewolf/Seer character. Their information is then stored in the database on the server end. That's all there is to it!

Survival/Kill Points:

Each night a villager/seer survives they get a survival point. Note: Players must be logged on during the night to recieve these points.
Each time a werewolf kills another player they get a kill point.
Survival/Kill Points can be spent towards the skills defined below.

Player Skills:

Villager Skills:
Werewolf Hunter - This would be fairly difficult to achieve (i.e. You would need many survival points). These villagers are allowed to roam the streets at night hunting for Werewolves. Upon achievement of this skill, they are awarded with a silver daggar which allows them to kill werewolves.

Werewolf Skills:
Lycanthropic Bite - This skill allows the werewolf to turn a villager into a werewolf. Restrictions should be placed on this. For example, you can only do this once every 3rd night or something. Seers, because of their link to the supernatural can not be diseased and are instead killed.

Seer Skills:
Higher Vision - Allows the seer to see one more vision per night.


What happens if no werewolves/seers are logged on when killing time comes?
Do we make Werewolves agree on a victim or can every Werewolf kill one villager?
Can Werewolves kill other werewolves?
How do we choose werewolves/seers?
If sleepytime lasts for a while, how do we make it so villagers don't get bored?
Do we let villagers chat amongst themselves during sleepytime?


Perhaps we should let the players know if they executed a Werewolf or not. Only silver can kill Werewolves, so traditional execution methods wouldn't kill one.

Have a vote minimum where lynchings can not happen until that many people vote (minimum based on total player base)

Choose werewolves/seers based on percentage of total population where the percentage spread increases with each Werewolf. Ex: 7th registered player is a werewolf, then 15th (7+8), then 24th (15+9), etc... Seers would be chosen in a similar manner.

Many of these problems could be fixed if we did a reset after each round. However the only persistency would be in individual players scores.

Possibly have some toy for villagers to play with while they're sleeping. Or give them dream sequeneces to watch.