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About Open Racer
Open Racer is going to be a 3d gaming engine based upon what originally was called Tux R acer, originally written by Jasmin Patry.

SunSpire Studios, for whom Jasmin now works, has decided to make a commercial version based on the Tux Racer 0.6.1 version of Tux Racer. This is perfectly legal and acceptable according to the terms of the GPL, since Jasmin is the original licenser and has the authority to relicense his program. (Sunspire has removed all contributed code from the 1.0 version as well, thanks for pointing this out, filip)

The goal of the Open Racer project is to continue development and improvement of the Tux Racer game from the GPLed 0.6.1 codebase with a goal of making a game-independent 3d Extreme racing engine.Open Racer will develop in a different direction than the commercial Tux Racer in order to keep from direct competition and wasteful strife with Sunspire Studios. Note that this project is not intended in any way to compete(and probably won't be able to) with the commercial Tux Racer. In fact, I suggest that you buy Tux Racer when it comes out.

For more information about the Open Racer project, please read the About page. If you're interested in hacking Open Racer, please send me an email or join the mailing list.

--J. Nathan Matias.
  Open Racer News

October 24, 11:22AM
Sourceforge CVS Up, Revamped UI

Over the last two months, we've been quite active in development. Sebastian Ude has revamped the UI code while Nathan Matias has worked on the terrain code. Both have required PLIB hacking, but we're getting there. In fact, we have just gotten cvs on Sourceforge. You can check it out (pun intended) at Right now in CVS, we have a copy of the revamped UI and totally C++ized code. The SSG port will happen rather all at once, once our PLIB hackings are ready. Note that the latest CVS from Open Racer requires the latest CVS from PLIB due to our hacking on the PLIB code. You can find that on
Note: Feel free to play with the CVS, but we don't need bug reports yet, as we're still WIP moving things around, shuffling them, and revamping them. As we near a codebase that will more or less be the starting point for improvement, we'll need help, but until then unless you're a developer and want to help, we'd appreciate it if you just played with things and ignore the bugs :)

August 25, 11:00AM EST
WorldForge Site Live/Multimedia Hacking

The WorldForge people and those who have independently offered their time have really thrown their backs into the work, especially when it comes to the web site and multimedia hacking. We now have a permanent home on worldforge, a mailing list, and an irc channel(irc.worldforge.og #openracer or #lounge). We also have a preliminary media file release, with almost everything replaced from the original game. In the meantime, work has begonon conceptualizing and coding the beginnings of the game engine based upon the Tux Racer 0.6.1 source. Kudos (and maybe some Milky Ways too) to everyone involved!

August 3, 2001 3:36PM EST
WorldForge Account Forthcoming
A lot of people have been getting in touch with me to do artist work, coding, and other jobs. A lot of people have also been giving me suggestions and ideas. Thanks guys and gals.

The WorldForge Project has offered to host the new site, as well as mailing lists, CVS, IRC, etc. After thinking things through, I have decided to go with their services. As soon as the services are up and I am able to put this site on, I wil do so.

I then plan to contact every one who has offered to help and discuss the future of the project on the mailing list and perhaps IRC. I will post information on how things are going as they happen on this site.

August 2, 2001 11:04PM EST
Linuxgames/LinuxToday Get It Right
It's good to see somebody getting the story right. posts good information from sunspire on the status of Tux Racer. Interestingly enough, LinuxToday is the only news site that has posted my press release in full(they also posted a few things that I told them wasn't part of the press release, but oh well). You can see it at LinuxToday.
I think they sum it up well with their comment: "Tux Racer is being taken closed source by Sunspire Studios. J. Nathan Matias wrote us to say "no harm, no foul" and describe some of his plans for the open source spinoff, Open Racer." I am very sorry about any fallout for Sunspire over this. I realize that there is a certain amount of fallout from the fact but misleading reporting has led to greater amount than is merited.

August 2, 2001 5:50PM EST
I accidentally posted the improper email address in the left bar. I just recently set up my personal sourceforge account and misread what the sourceforge redirect would be. You can contact me at, not as I originally posted, I'm going to ask NewsForge, who copied my mistake unknowingly, to change it in their article. My apologies

August 2, 2001 5:10PM EST
NewsForge Article
    NewsForge has posted an article about the Tux Racer/Open Racer situation and has found out even more information than I myself knew. The lack of a Linux version disturbs me, I will admit. Read the article for yourselves.Update Jasmin has noted that 1.0 will include a Linux version after all. NewsForge was referring to the OEM release, not the 1.0 release.

August 2, 2001 2:00PM EST
Open Racer Announcement
    I have posted information about the closed source Tux Racer as well as the Open Racer project to slashdot and other Open Source/Linux sites. We'll see if they post the news.

August 2, 2001, 9:10AM EST
Open Racer Begins
    Today, I set up the main Open Racer page. This is merely a place holder for an eventual sourceforge account. However, in the interest of time I set up this page. At this point Open Racer is identical to Tux Racer 0.6.1. However, as other developers join in (and a sourceforge account set up), I hope progress will be forthright and speedy.

August 1, 2001
Design Harbor/ZillNet Provide Hosting
    Today, the host of my "learn web design" site, Design Harbor agreed to let me put up the Open Racer web site on a subdomain of design harbor until I can get a sourceforge account. Hooray!
The hosting company is ZillNet, a local company I worked for over the summer. Give the site a visit if you have the time. Zill has been nice to me.


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