Welcome to the Games area of WorldForge

WorldForge's mission is to produce innovative and graphically rich games of cooperation and socialization. To drive our development we have targeted various game ideas.

Information about each game and it's status can be found below.

In Development

Mason Cooperative persitent game to demonstrate skills, actions, physics and 3D movement. Characters will be able to manipulate items and the environment by using skills and actions to create new items and as the name Mason implies, characters will be able to build structures from blueprints.


Acorn Acorn is a simple pig farming game set in Dural. Using the Cyphesis server with Uclient as the client. The focus of this game was to provide simple yet playable game that would focus the development of the underlying technology. This project has been completed, and all the gameplay and technology has been rolled into Mason. If you want to play Acorn, you can now do so from within Mason.

Old Games