This is basically a list of zope resources that you might find very helpful. Over time it will evolve but for now it is basically some links to some important documents. This was created mostly because some people have been having a hard time finding documentation. There is lots of documentation for zope it is just badly organized right now and a few efforts are underway to solve that problem.

Zope Book : This should be your first stop for any piece of zope information. This guide is design basically for those working with zope at a fairly high level.

Zope Developer's Guide : This guide is very useful if you want to write zope based python products. It covers issues ranging from security to persistence.

ZODB Programmer's Guide : This guide is a programmer's guide for working with the ZODB which is the OODB that backs ZOPE. It also explain much of the core design of ZOPE.

ZopeLabs : A very nice site that contains a lot of ZOPE information and ZOPE recipes. Much of the time if you need to do something you can find it here. Submissions are always welcome and the guy that runs it is cool