7. Simple newbie 'lobby' area menu vs more detailed developer menu

For a long time the complaint was expressed that newbies have to dig to find anything. The newbie menu should keep everything a new visitor to the site could want within a link's reach. They must be able to find the information they want (the basic stuff.. faq, screenshots, what is wf explanation) in a very obvious manner.

On the opposite side of the coin, once someone has joined, they want to know where to find the juicy information. Hiding it in obscure directories is frustrating at best. Unless you are very familiar with the site, you will not realize that worlds/ is in the content area of the site, unless the navigation menu is complete and logically presented.

How this product meets the need

This layout clearly makes the distinction between introductory information and more detailed development information. It is presented in a fashion that is not overwhelming to new visitors. The only links appearing to them are the ones relevant to their immediate information wants/needs.

The developer portion of the site lays out the major product areas in their entirety. This makes for quick surfing into the desired area of the site, and also makes it easy for new developers to find what is it is they need. The menu removes the obscurity in a more hidden linking system, solving the aforementioned problem of a new developer not knowing where they might find worlds/, for instance.