Added complete worlds document structure. Some areas will need further hashing out as there is currently little to no documentation in them. These include: Planetary Systems, Equipment, Economy, Flora & Fauna (dbs, I presume)

Broke the page layout into individual tables to speed up page rendering. This broke the page in netscape, causing gaps between the tables. Working on a fix for this.

Managed to fix one of the tables in netscape. Same fix doesn't appear to be working on the rest of the table. Still working on it.

Discovered that the anav.visited class doesn't appear to be rendering in IE all of a sudden. Hunting down the problem.
Found some HTML errors in objects that I'm not sure I can fix. Investigating further, but the errors are as follows:
  • Line 5: "/" at the end of the url, outside quotes and before the >.
  • Lines 11-14: Meta tags belong within the HEAD tags. There are two /HEAD tags in this document.
  • Line 231 of The WorldForge Developer Site Title is nested within P tags. This causes a nesting error. H tags are not allowed within P tags.
  • All paragraphs in appear to be nested twice within P tags. Is Structered text adding the paragraphs twice when it reads a blank line?
  • P tags also being added around block elements like lists; causes nesting errors

Fixed the Netscape table gap problem after much head banging. Now to fix Opera...

Opera is now fixed. However, structured text must be fixed to not doule the P tags. Opera appears to render them both rather than ignore the extra one like other browsers.

Shrunk the menu in the lobby in NS some, but it's still expanding it further than any other browser. Might have to list links without the DL tags, since the padding is still to great. Or list links differently altogether.

Netscape broke again, looking for what's wrong now.

In an attempt to fix the alignment problem in NS, I removed the extra P tags that Pato had in his Newbie Guide. In doing so, the result was NS seemingly rendering the table cells in reverse order wrt size. The navbar is approximately 84% of the width of the browser and the text area, 16%. I attempted putting the P tags back in. That didn't reverse the problem. I then removed the structured text option from the page and tried again, and it didn't work either. It just caused the text to disappear altogether, but left the table messed up.

I also tried removing the object completely and readding it, to no avail.