WorldForge Update Tool

The WorldForge Update Tool (WFUT) is designed to provide a generic software update tool for WorldForge applications. It is intended to provide media updates for WorldForge clients, although any content hosted on a web server can be used. It was originally written in Java for ease of implementation and portability, although there is now a C++ implementation intended for use withing client applications.

WFUT defines a collection of files as a channel. Each channel has a XML file defined listing each file (and directory), a version number (used to notify the client that a local file is out of date) and a CRC32 checksum (used for download verification and file change detection).

How to use (Java version)

WFUT can be used through Java Web Start. Click here. WFUT will download into the current directory. When using webstart on win32, this will be the desktop. This may vary across platforms.

WFUT has both a GUI compoment and a commend line part. To execute WFUT, type;

java -jar WFUT.jar

This launches the GUI. Double clicking on the jar file may accomplish the same thing on some systems. The command line part has two commands "list" and "update". "list" lists the available channels, where as "update" takes a list of channels to update.

Files are downloaded into the current directory.

View Channels

You can see the available channels and files here.

Obtaining WFUT

WFUT is available in the WorldForge CVS under forge/tools/WFUT. A binary is available here.