Metaserver is the server that gathers game server information and sends the information to game clients on request.

It uses a purely binary UDP protocol, so some sort of client must be used to retrieve information from it. All WorldForge clients should provide some facility to query the metaserver for game server information. Currently, the only information returned about a game server is its IP address. If for some reason a client fails to retrieve server information, the page at Active Servers is an HTML gateway to the metaserver. That page may show a timestamp with no server IP addresses, in which case there are no game servers registered with metaserver. If that page shows an error, or a very old timestamp, something has gone wrong. Please bring it to the attention of the folks on WorldForge IRC.

Developer Details

Metaserver has its own module in Worldforge CVS named "metaserver". The module contains the server itself, a test client, and a test server, along with a script to spawn multiple test servers. The test client and server provide reference implementations for use in game clients and servers to contact metaserver.


Metaserver was written in 2000 by Dragon Master and is released under the GNU GPL. After a few minor bugfix iterations, it has been stable at version 1.3 since early 2001. Version 2 is in development and is likely to be released in early 2004.