This is a page where users of herbiforge can suggest ideas, and bugfixes. It is intended to be WIKI like, in that it should be discussion based.

The developers will use it to respond to specific requests and to keep the users up to date with planned features for the next release.

Two important aspects to keep in mind when extending these concepts.

Planned additions to Herbiforge:

Suggestions by munin:

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Comments By Lakin:

LOD requirements, and thoughts.

After thinking about the LOD a bit more, I do realize that my proposal might prove to be a bit clumsy. So I've decided to list a few requirements for LOD, and some thoughts.

Some quick ideas on how it MIGHT be achieved:

The server would need to send "guiding" variables to the client when describing the tree. These guiding variables would allow the client to build a simple model which is close to being correct for the first level of detail. Then with each successive iteration it would build a tree that is closer to being correct, until finally, it builds one which is exactly correct.

The bad things about this is: