Required Libraries

Libraries from Worldforge

You will need:
- Atlas-C++
- Varconf
both of which are in the worldforge cvs, under libs the forge module ("cvs co forge/libs" ). Stage also works with Atlas-C++ v0.4.0.

Libraries not from Worldforge

UUID Library - You can get this from one of these places: (You probably already have the libs on your machine, but you need this package for uuid.h.)

libsocket++, which you can download at: For a version that compiles in recent Linux versions:

Database libraries

Required Packages

The plan is to be able to support several ODBC compliant databases in the final product. In the beginning the system database will be MySQL. To get Stage and MySQL to communicate you need the following: MySQL,MyODBC LibIODBC and IODBC, which are available from In addition you will also need libodbc++ which can be obtained from

1. For each library, first determine if it is already installed. One way to do this is to look in typical library locations (/usr/lib and /usr/local/lib) for a file named libXXX.a or, where XXX is the name of the library as listed above.

2. Before installing the libraries, determine where you want them to go. Most libraries are configured by default to go into /usr/local/lib. If you wish to put them into another location, such as /usr/lib, you will need to specify this for each library in the next step.

3. If the library is not installed, or if you want to update the installation, then carefully follow the installation directions given with the library. Note that there are a number of options available during installation, including specification of where to install the lib (typically the --prefix=/usr/lib option).

4. Review the file /etc/ This file lists the path that the operating system looks for dynamically loaded libraries (denoted by the file extension .so). You may wish to add directories here (/usr/local/lib sometimes needs to be added.) You may also need to run "ldconfig".