WorldForge Server System

The WorldForge server is the heart of the game. It keeps track of all the objects, players, events and ensures that each client gets the information it needs, as well as processing incoming data from the clients. There are several server projects in progress, each having different goals

Overall, each server aims for the goals of the WorldForge project as a whole, which is to support massively-multiplayer online role playing. Each current server project focuses on particular aspects of seeing what is possible and what is feasible for a MMORPG server.

Active Server Development

Cyphesis is an NPC engine using AI/A-Life techniques. It is the Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life server used by other server systems and also is filling in as its first fully functional game server, featured in Acorn. Cyphesis is a prototype server designed to explore the possibilities of complex NPC interaction and scripting. Efficiency and support for large numbers of players are foregone in the quest for a more realistic and dynamic world framework.
Venus is a media server currently in prototype phase. It is based on the idea that the media server should provide information about media required by the client, including links to the media content which is made available by conventional file transer mechanisms.

Old Servers