Old Server Software

Previous development efforts

Indri is a scriptable, threaded server designed to be easy to extend by rule and world builders, using nothing more than a text editor, and with a simple, clean API. Indri builds on many areas of the STAGE design, while discarding others, to hopefully produce a consistent and scalable server.
Brokerworld is a client & server designed to join the media, maps and programs that make up worldforge. It's a system to enable world designers to change any part of the game even while it's running. The latest version is available in the worldforge cvs at forge/servers/brokerworld. The design is based on the law model.
A generic translation gateway. Originally started as a simple server, this project has now transformed into a generic translation gateway. This gateway is designed to translate different protocols to and from each other. It currently aiming to support: Atlas, Cyphesis-Atlas, IRC, ChatworldML, mcp.
A broad-ranging effort exploring many areas with novel ideas, ranging from event handling & server-server communication down to working with various different development tools. This is now being rewritten in java.
"Quick And Dirty Altima Server", a direct precursor to Qserver2 (along with Qserver1). QuADAS helped to generate a lot of useful feedback to developers about how to create a server and was succeeded by QServer2.
Prototype server for demo1. This demo has been finished. It was succeeded by BackStage.
Intermediate prototype server that has been succeeded by STAGE development.
STAGE is no longer under active development. STAGE is a quantum leap from the foundations set by Qserver2. Whereas Qserver2 set out to be an experiment in writing a server, STAGE will provide the experience of creating a playable game. This means that STAGE will be a valuable training ground for dealing with active players in a virtual world with its own rules.