Cyphesis Project Status

Below is a list of specific goals which we have for Cyphesis. Please keep in mind that this list is not even close to being a complete (that would take hours to read) but is only a short to-do type scratchpad. As you can see we have a pretty good start on things but there is still a lot for work to be done. If you don't understand what some of the goals mean and are curious about helping out you should go to our IRC server ( then join #cyphesis and #lounge. If you don't have access to IRC you can always send an email to Pato for general newbie orientation questions or Aloril (head of Cyphesis) with more technical questions.

NPC Execution of Goals (Completed or partially completed)

  • Server component communicates with clients
  • NPCs try to accomplish simple goals
  • NPCs try to complete subgoals that lead to the completion of larger and more complicated major goals
  • If a large goal is not fulfilled, then process subgoals.
  • Priorities: Certain goals are checked before other goals. Example: Eating is more important than sleeping.
  • Define a heirarchy which decides which subgoals need to be accomplished and in what order to fufill a certain goal.
  • NPCs have a knowledge/sense of time.
  • NPCs use this sense of time to see if the time is right to accomplish certain goals (ie sleeping or seasonal tasks). make time more random and if certain conditions are fulfilled: overrule it Future Things to Implement:
  • NPC Memory Related Issues (Not implemented yet)

  • NPCs remember things like: places they have seen, things they have tried and knowledge about places and things.
  • remember things about other PC/NPCs and remember conversations
  • Misc (Not implemented yet)

  • Find a low level implementation language to use as a high level goal interpreter?
  • NPCs sometimes have children.
  • NPCs teach their children the same goals and knowledge that they have.
  • Parents together teach children and take into account in teaching whether it's boy or girl.
  • NPCs understand some Interlinguish (Interlignuish=simple language parsing) sentences. This is needed for economy and battles. (very important)
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