How Can I Help with Cyphesis?

We're really glad to see you're interested in Cyphesis! I'd like to start of by dispelling some common misconceptions that people have about Open Source projects. Many people assume that because they aren't a programmer that they can't contribute to WorldForge. Let me assure you that everyone has something to offer and a special skill that can contribute to WorldForge in on way or another. The only thing that's required to join WorldForge is a strong desire to learn and a lot of curiosity! A thick hide and a sense of humor doesn't hurt either. ;) Skills can be taught and we're a pretty patient bunch.

Probably the best way to get oriented with Cyphesis is to come to the IRC server -, join the #lounge or #cyphesis channels and introduce yourself and ask your carefully considered questions. Alriddoch, Aloril, Pato or Mithro will be glad to answer any questions you may have. You should then join as many mailing lists as your mailbox can stand! ;) Traffic gets kinda high some days so take that into account. Be sure to join the Announce, General, Servers and Scripting mailing lists at a minimum. You might also want to check out the news section to see some of the latest developments in other areas of WorldForge as well as in Cyphesis! We hope to hear from you soon!

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