Cyphesis for Newbies

Welcome to Cyphesis for Newbies! This is a gentle introduction into Cyphesis project, it's goals and how you can get involved if you're so inclined. This mini tour of Cyphesis only assumes that you have a general idea what Worldforge (WF) is about and some basic terminology used in roleplaying games. If you're in doubt in those two areas you should check out the Introduction to Worldforge. Other than those two modest requirements there's nothing else that you need to follow along. We hope that you find this beneficial!

Introduction An overview of Cyphesis
Goals of Cyphesis What are our goals?
Project Status Where are we now in the development process?
How Can I Help? Aaaah, Just the words I've been waiting to hear!
Coding Tutorials A short tutorial on classes in Python

If you still feel unclear about one of the topics covered here in the newbie section please send me an email stating what you found confusing and I'll do my best to explain.

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