Lycadican is Project to create computer based Fantasy RPG situated in Khardan
Here is 372 page PDF file describing Lycadican game system

Difference between this project and Lycadican: Lycadican is 'traditional' RPG with story while this game has no story. These projects are going to share an A-life engine.


Theory about of natural language and knowledge representation by Chaumont Devin

Diagrams illustrating Panlingua (made by John Burch with help of Chaumont Devin):


Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator

Creatures 2

A-Life game: Creatures 2
Here is info about how they made it


StarLogo is a massively-parallel modeling environment.
Look especially at this link. There are examples about Biology, Cellular Automata, Games, Graphics, Mathematics, Physics and Social Systems.

The Swarm Simulation System

From Swarm home page:

Swarm is a software package for multi-agent simulation of complex systems being developed at The Santa Fe Institute. Swarm is intended to be a useful tool for researchers in a variety of disciplines, especially artificial life. The basic architecture of Swarm is the simulation of collections of concurrently interacting agents: with this architecture, we can implement a large variety of agent based models. Our initial target is Unix machines running GNU Objective C and X windows: the source code is freely available under GNU Licensing terms.

Alife Online

General site for Artificial Life


Python is a very powerful scripting language that integrates well with C/C++/Java (and many other languages). Python is easy to learn even for beginning programmers and is growing rapidly in popularity. Python sports clean syntax and easily maintainable code.

Here are some tutorials for Python:

Good tutorial:
Instant Python

Few minutes at most:
Whetting Your Appetite (full (several hours) Python Tutorial )

Few minutes:
Short summary
Two page introduction

Less than hour:
The What, Why, Who, and Where of Python: Learn about Python, the language that wraps itself around a problem to squeeze out a solution, swallowing it whole.

A Python/Perl phrasebook

Python home page:

Suggested Reading: Programming Python is the essential reference to have around. If you've ever programmed before but never in Python Learning Python is excellent. If you've never programmed before your best bet is Learn to Program Using Python which will teach you programming fundamentals using Python.