Date: 14th Mar 2000
Time: 2:58pm GMT
Channel: #cyphesis
Co-ordinator: N/A
Present: Sal & Aloril
Log Text

_Different Approaches to handling Client<->Server Movement Updates_

Sal got Xclient communicating with Cyphesis and there was much rejoicing but movement communication between Cyphesis and Xclient wasn't working because it was found that Cyphesis and Xclient handle movement differently. Cyphesis currently expects from the client for movement to be in the form of:

Client -> Server: I am at point A and I'm moving to point B using X velocity.

Xclient transmits movement in the form of:

Client -> Server: I am at point A using X velocity moving in Z direction - I'll let you know about my position at regular intervals

The discussion then wandered to optimizing Atlas from which a couple of things were agreed upon:

The discussion eventually came back to how server<->client movement should be handled. Sal & Aloril disagreed on the best way to handle client<->server movement communication and a large cat fight ensued. ;) They both discussed what form movement updates in Atlas should support. Here are their ideas for future implementation within Atlas regarding Client<->Server movement communication:

Alorils ideas about movement:

Sals ideas about movement (which are currently implemented in Xclient):

Both of them agreed that server code should have these features:

In the end they agreed to implement both of their ideas regarding movement in Cyphesis and Xclient and let testing/coders' preferences decide which method would be used.

The meeting then tapered off into general code wrangling & hacking trying to get xclient and cyphesis to talk to each other properly