Atlas is standard protocol between server and client. It should work with simple/complicated server and simple/complicated client and with all combinations. ASCII version will use XML.

Server might be thought of as body for character and client might be thought of as mind for character and protocol is neurons connecting these.



Library that clients and server can use to implement Atlas is being currently coded. Currently supported languages are C++ and Python. It's still in initial stages but there is server-client demo with movement. For more see libatlas link below.


Work on v0.3 of Atlas is going on. It will include standard map format, media info for some media types, some slight changes/simplifications and specifies more exactly operations and their possible arguments.

The development of Atlas is covered by the Atlas Battleplan. There is currently discussion going on at Atlas. So these here are going to change more or less. If you want to have effect on Atlas design, subscribe to protocols list.

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