Summary of UI/MIM Atlas meeting at 1999-10-09

About UI

It's likely biased from my perspective ;-)

But I think that conclusion is that we can get both something that is usable for AI/smart clients and optional nice UI.

Something AI/smart client can use:

Browse abstract character entity hierarchy to see what characters are allowed and to see what attributes are available and what are allowed values and then use gained info to represent character creation widget and later send Atlas "create" msg to create it.

Nice UI: Using Carpenter and using player account in metagame: It would be similar to normal game, but it results in config changes, character creation etc...

But we need additional discussions later after groundwork for Atlas spec v0.2 has been done.

About MIM

It requires some syntax changes and it needs to keep unknown attributes when saving and loading maps.

Summary of syntax changes (that are not outdated by likely coming syntax change):

Client side map

Zachariah talked briefly about client side map implementation where server doesn't know anything about map and client is completely trusted.