Atlas protocol proposal v0.1.4

Introduction Philosophy
About v0.1 Origins for this proposal
DTD Atlas document type definition (DTD)
Tags All tags/basic building blocks
Basic operator hierarchy All operations
Out of game (OG) Atlas Login, character generation, etc..
Movement Absolute and relative movement
Example session Example session
Binary Atlas Generic idea about what it might be like
Article for CB#3 Talks about how to achieve generality and specificity at the same time
Discussion See scripting@ for discussion about Atlas
MIM Post about Media Independent Map format
MIM: XML Atlas XML version of above
Entity hierarchy Tutorial mail about entity hierarchy
New obj syntax suggestion by Michael Day Log of #coders discussion
Log: UI and MIM Log of #atlas meeting at 1999-10-09
Summary: UI and MIM Summary of #atlas meeting at 1999-10-09


What is Atlas? Think about body. That is server. Think about mind/soul. That is client. Atlas is protocol that connects these.

Format for Atlas is XML.

About v0.1

This is combination of old Atlas (v0.0.1) and RavenDusk proposal.