Atlas Proposal Articles

Old Atlas Old v0.0.1 proposal for Atlas; derived from Cyphesis protocol
RavenDusk John's old XML proposal for Atlas
Blade John's new XML proposal for a map format
v0.1.4 proposal Combines old Atlas and RavenDusk proposal
v0.2.0 proposal Combines Wds and v0.1.4 and defines hierarchy, *.def files too
v0.2.1 proposal XML Syntax freeze version, see *.def files too
v0.2.2 proposal Operation examples version, see *.def files too
v0.2.3 proposal Conversation examples and new XML syntax, see *.def files too
v0.2.4 proposal Dropping some types as encoding types, various tweaks and Packed encoding added, see *.def files too
v0.X.Y proposal Work in progress, for most up to date version see cvs://, see *.def files too
ZW Proposal A detailed proposed Atlas library design. Pictures too! :-)

Planned soon/later IRC<->Atlas, Nethack<->Atlas, Quake<->Atlas, etc... gateways