New Atlas libs are at forge/libs/Atlas

NOTE: Following things refer to old libAtlas and will disappear once new docs are done

libminiXML: mini XML parser and generator

libAtlasTransport: atlas transport layer: uses libminiXML to translate between Msg:s and XML

libAtlasSocket: socket transport layer using tcp4u library uses libAtlasTransport

libAtlasWF: conversion between Msg<->C++ AtlasObjects classes

libAtlasPy: Python wrapper for above libraries and alternative Python libraries (works with plain Python without any compiling):
Python libraries try to load C++ module and if it fails uses pure Python version

demo/client: sample client: C++ and Python version

demo/server: sample server: C++ and Python version


Latest is at forge/protocols/atlas/libatlas
libAtlas2 is at forge/protocols/atlas/libAtlas2
See FAQ for more on CVS.

Usually after major changes there is snapshot at

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