Atlas-Java is the Java implementation of the Atlas protocol. It implements the Atlas protocol, for use in client-server game applications. This library is suitable for linking to either clients or servers. The current version of Atlas-Java is 0.0.2


The latest version of Atlas-Java can only be found in CVS under forge/libs/Atlas-Java. Distributions the source and binary of Atlas-Java can be found on any Worldforge FTP mirror


This version of Atlas-Java requires Java 1.2.2 or better. Java can be obtained from Sun's java homepage

The code generation script is written in python. Most distro of linux comes with this. Currently it requires, 2.1.x. It may run with other versions, but this has not been tested. If you need the windows version, download from python's homepage.

In addition, you need to make sure you've checked out Atlas-Python and the specifications for atlas in the protocols directory: forge/libs/Atlas-Python forge/protocols/atlas/spec

Note that you only need to do this if you are using the cvs version of Atlas-Java. The source distribution already has the classes built.

XML codec currently does not require any external xml parsers. (Old version did)

There are two ways to build Atlas-Java:

1) For all you *nix and hardcore cygwin types, you can use autoconf to build Atlas-Java. First run the script, then run configure, and finally make. To build atlas.jar, run make jar. This is only supported in the CVS version of Atlas-Java.

2) Everyone else, you need to download Ant. This is the preferred method to build Atlas-Java. Ant can be found at the Apache Jakarta Project and comes with everything you need. In order to get the ant script to work, make sure it is added into your path, and also make sure you have the ANT_HOME environment variable set.

The ant script that comes with the installation of ant is all that's needed to run the build. To build atlas.jar, you will just need to run "ant jar" from the main Atlas-Java directory. "ant" by itself will display usage. In order to customize the ant build, you just need to add any of the following properties into the file:

Any questions or comments can be directed to Dan Tomalesky. IRC: Grimicus @