PyEdit: A Python Tile based Map Editor

PyEdit is a tile based map editor. This simply means that it uses a grid and "tiles" to build maps. These "tiles" are placed on the grid allowing you to build up a large map.

PyEdit is written in python, but because python is bad at somethings (ie direct pixel access), C versions of some python functions have been written. These C versions are totally optional but can make a huge diffrence to speed. (For the mask function it is a 8000 fold increase!).

There are 3 main parts of PyEdit:
Each of these main parts can be used seperatly without pyedit. (Although the map render wouldn't be very useful to anyone else.)

PyEdit can currently read IsoEdit format. Write support is planned in the near future.
As other tile based worldforge map formats because avalible pyEdit will be updated to include support for them.

You can get pyEdit from worldforge cvs in forge/clients/pyedit

pyEdit requires pygame
for the C extensions pyEdit requires the python and SDL headers and a C++ compiler.
(Python and SDL headers are normally included in -devel rpms or when you compile from source.

And now what you have all been waiting for!