Ptah Help Page

Ptah Help Page

What is Ptah?

Ptah is polygon editing program that aspires to be a world builder for the World Forge project. Ptah allows the user to create, and transform polygonal areas that will be interpreted (some day) by World Forge servers as bounding areas for terrain with different properties (as in plains, swamps, mountains, etc). It saves these "maps" to an XML based format called BLADE, but will probably support other formats in the future. Ptah development follows a battle plan that divides the functionality in to 5 sections leading up to the first 1.0 release.

Ptah-0.2.0 Geometry

This is the first section in the Ptah battle plan. Don't expect much. Although there may be some additional functionality from previous versions, the real focus of the Geometry release is the creation and transformation of polygons. When you have a document open, there are three primary modes:
  • Selection (press the arrow on the toolbar or the letter 's') - You can select a polygon by left clicking on it or by left clicking and dragging until you've created a box that surrounds at least one point of the polygon. You can select multiple polygon's by dragging out a larger box or by holding down the Conrol key while left clicking on polygons. Many operations occur only on the selected polygon (or possibly only on the first selected polygon).
  • Drawing (press the vertices icon on the toolbar or the letter 'd') - Left click to specify vertices and right click to close a polygon. It's about that simple.
  • Squares (press the boxes icon on the toolbar or the letter 'b') - Only two clicks... a left click to start the polygon and a right click to close.
There are also three functional modes. These mode are entered by pressing a function key and exited using the escape key.
  • Point Editing (press 'F1') - The vertices of all selected polygons are highlighted in green. Left click on a vertices to drag it to a new position.
  • Rotation (press 'F2') - Selected polygons are hightlighted in green. Hit the left and right arrow keys to rotate the polygon.
  • Scaling (press 'F3') - Selected polygons are hightlighted in green. Hit the left and right arrow keys to scale the polygon.
Other features not explicitly covered in version 0.2.0 are:
  • Zoom Level</b> ( the magnifying glasses ) : - This controls the size of the squares in the grid. Polygons automatically resize when the grid size is changed.
  • Path Editor ( looks like a list box ) : - Opens up a dialog that you can use to edit the paths that Ptah uses when searching for media.
Assorted tid-bits :
  • Pressing delete removes any highlighted polygons from the map.
  • When you press the 'shift' key the display will pan in a direction determined by the position of the mouse.
  • Pressing the 'p' key changes the way the grid is displayed, either in the background, the foreground or not at all.

Have Fun,