Ptah Battleplan and Downloads

There is a base requirement that Ptah be able to load and save in any format that COAL supports. There will be a cvs tag and a binary release after each phase.

Phase I - Geometry

Note - This is the first time that I've ever done a 'distribution'. Suggestions and contributions are welcome. The more feedback I get the more work I'll put into creating quality packages.
Ptah-0.2.0 Downloads
Ptah-0.2.0 for Windows (1.2 Megs)
Ptah-0.2.0 for Gzipped Sources (91 Kbs)
Ptah-0.2.0 Source RPM (92 Kbs)
Ptah-0.2.0 Binary RPM (138 Kbs)
Ptah-0.2.0 Spec File (1 Kb)

Phase II - Textures
Ptah-0.4.0 Downloads
Ptah-0.4.0 for Windows (1.2 Megs)
Ptah-0.4.0 for Gzipped Sources (91 Kbs)
Ptah-0.4.0 Source RPM (92 Kbs)
Ptah-0.4.0 Binary RPM (138 Kbs)
Ptah-0.4.0 Spec File (1 Kb)

Another iteration of 0.4.0 is on it's way soon. Check it out!

This version of the revised 0.4.1 release links statically with COAL and wxWindows and dynamically with the rest. It's the painless way to go. Ptah-0.4.1 Static Binary RPM (338 Kbs)

Phase III - Hierarchy Phase IV - Objects Phase V - Information Call it version 1.0

Note that by Version 1.0 I'm not really implying a complete application. Just one that touches on everything I think is needed for a first pass. If everything goes as planned users of Ptah version 1.0 should be able to cobble together a fairly complete environment for World Forge servers.