The Sodipodi Tool

Sodipodi is a tool for creating vectorial graphics. It works with an standard format named SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).

You can download Sodipodi from its home page:

Sodipodi Installation

Sodipodi works only under linux, both on KDE and GNOME. If you use a windows system, we can recommend you a nice mapping tool, thought it is not Free Software: Campaign Cartographer. There is also AutoREALM, which while as not as fully featured as CC, is under the GPL, and thus Free.

Sodipodi comes with some Linux distros (at least, with Mandrake). The last version is always at GNOME CVS so that's where you should get it, check the page for details. It has several dependencies, so arm yourself with some patience :)

Scalable Vector Graphics

SVG is a standar graphics format beign developed by the w3c. You can check its documentation here:

However, you do not need to know the innards of the SVG format if you only plan to edit symbols and maps using Sodipodi