Performing Tasks

One of the more recent additions to the Mason system is the ability to perform a limited number of tasks.


Wood is one of the most commonly available materials. To obtain wood, you will need an axe. You can buy one from the merchant in the village. Once you have an axe, you can wield it and then use it on a nearby tree. This will fell the tree. If you then use the axe again to strip the tree of leaves and brances leaving only a log. Further use of the axe will turn the log into a sharped stake.


To counteract the effects of logging, you can also plant trees. First you need a trowel; available from the merchat in tha village. Then you need a seed of some kind such as an acorn. Using the trowel on the acorn will plant a small oak which will grow over time. You can not plant trees too close together.

Building Fires

Fires provide light during the night, and can be used to ignite other objects. Before you can start setting fire to objects you need to obtain a tinderbox from the merchant in the village. If you have some logs, you can give them to a campfire and then use a tinderbox on the logs to set fire to them. A campfire is a special object for helping with fires.

Fires take a while to build up. Depending on the type of object you are setting fire too, it will either start a very small fire (that may even go out), or it will start a blaze and burn up quickly. Deeds and posters are very flamable objects, but they do not last long. A torch is a useful item to have. Once lit, it does not go out or burn up and it can be used to set fire to other objects in addition to lighting your way in the dark. A torch is much more effective at setting fire to other objects than a tinderbox is.

Building a stockade

A stockade can be built to provide a barrier between oneself and the outside world. To begin, you will need a pole which can be obtained from the merchant in the village and some sharpened stakes (although normal logs could also be used). Position the sharpened stakes approximately where you would like them to be. Then use the pole on the stakes. The stake will start to be raised away from your character. If you want it to go in a different direction, just move until the stake start moving in the correct direction. Use the /idle command once the stake is in position.

The pole can in fact be used to rotate any object in the world and not just logs and stakes.

Obtaining raw materials

Raw building materials such as rocks, mud and grass can be obtained from the world around you. Using a scythe on grassland will produce grass. Using a pickaxe on stoney surfaces will produce rocks and using a shovel on muddy surfaces will produce earth. Using the shovel on sandy surface will produce sand


If you can't wait to go to the butcher for your ham, you can butcher your pig yourself. All you need is a cleaver. Use the cleaver on your pig and pieces of ham will appear. Your pig will of course still be alive and well (just a bit thinner) until there is nothing left.