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Old News

2006-Feb-6th - Sear 0.6.1 Released

Sear 0.6.1 has been released. See the news article for more details.

2005-November-29 - Sear 0.6.0 Released

Sear 0.6.0 has eventually been released. See the news article for more details.

2005-August-19 - HW Specs Page Added

I have now added a page where I will add information about how well Sear runs on different spec machines. See Recommended Hardware Specification.

2005-June-6 - Sear Nightly Builds

Sear now has nightly builds for both Linux and Win32 platforms. These are available using WorldForge Update Tool.

2004-July-19 - Sear 0.5.0

Sear 0.5.0 has been released. It can be downloaded through the usual sources. FTP or WorldForge Update Tool for a Win32 version.

Changes include Mercator integration, use of a sky dome, OS-X compatibility, and numerous bug fixes.

2004-March-3 - Sear 0.4.7

Sear 0.4.7 has been released. It can be downloaded through the usual sources. FTP or WorldForge Update Tool for a Win32 version.

2003-September-29 - Sear Updater

There is now a new way to get the Windows version of Sear. Sear is now available using WorldForge Update Tool. This will download the main program files. Running sear.bat will then launch another update to grab the media and then execute Sear itself.

2003-July-29 - Sear Media 0.4.6 Fix

There is a bug in the media packs. This is a problem in the top level media.script file. It has /runScript media.script instead of the correct /run_script media.script This will be fixed when the ftp site is back up.

2003-July-17 - Sear 0.4.6 Released

Well it's been a while, but the next version of Sear is now available for download. See the download page for details on where to get it. The next project for Sear is to integrate the new Mercator library into the terrain engine.

2002-December-14 - Updated Media Pack available

An updated media pack is available for download that fixes some problems with the linux version of Sear. Some of the files in the media pack got converted to DOS format and will not work with Sear 0.4.4. This bug will be fixed in the next release, but for now either download the new media pack or convert all the .script files back into UNIX format.


2002-December-10 - Sear 0.4.4 Released!

Sear 0.4.4 is released!

Sear 0.4.4 has been released and can be downloaded from ftp://ftp.worldforge.org/pub/worldforge/clients/sear/ There is a windows binary and the source distribution. The media pack for use with the source can be found in the media directory located off the ftp location.

It is also available in cvs; forge/clients/sear under the sear-0-4-4 branch.

    Major improvements over previous version:
  • Terrain now supports multiple heightmaps.
  • Fixed numerous terrain engine bugs
  • Fixed numerous model loader bugs.
  • Numerous other bug fixes

2002-October-7 - Latest Developments

Eventually, I've got access to this site. My normal ISP seems to have lost WorldForge. I've recently put out a source release of Sear 0.4.2 and now I can get back on this site, it will be updated to reflect the changes since Sear 0.4.1.

My more recent work has been the redesign of how models are handled. The old system was too restrictive. The new system allows multiple models to be rendered per entity. This will be most useful for the Slice Loader class (blended billboards plus 3d trunk). The new system also allows models to be grouped under high, medium and low quality, however only the low quality grouping is currently used. Future work will make use of the other groups.

During the rework of the model handling system, the BillBoard and Impostor classes have been removed as the NPlane loader class covers the functionality that was provided by these classes.

Another area of work is the introduction of GLGooey to provide a GUI for Sear. Currently the GUI components are hardcoded, but my aim is to try and produce some sort of scriptable interface to it.

2002-August-19 - Latest Developments

Things are starting to hot up now. I have a been able to produce some Win32 binaries and they are up on the FTP site. Other news includes building the model viewer tool which allows you to view any model set up to run in Sear, without requiring a connection to a server. This has also been released as a Win32 binary on the FTP site.

2002-August-12 - Sear 0.4.0 released!

I have finally decided to release a new version of Sear. Currently I have only released a source tarball, but I will have some binaries released in a few days if there are no problems. In the meantime I will be updating this site to include the changes made since 0.3.2

2002-August-5 - Latest Developments!

I have been doing lots of work in implementing 3DS models in Sear, check out the new screen shots! Sear will load most 3DS models, and will load in the assigned textures and material properties as well.

2002-July-22 - Latest Developments!

Continuing work on increasing the stability of Sear and re-implementing features that were present before the recent changes. The latest and greatest changes recently are the introduction of a default texture and a default font which are built in. This gets rid of the annoying white screen when the media is not loaded in. A long standing bug in the Config loaders has also been fixed. This bug used to add garbage to the config files.

Good news for Windows users, I recently tried the strip utility on a Win32 Sear executable and found that it will cut the size of it down from around 50 MB to only 3MB!

2002-July-17 - Latest Developments!

Lots of work has been done to transform Sear into a more extensible system. See the latest CVS code for the current results. The first major change is the introduction of a ModelLoader class the creates objects of the Models interface. The design of this system allows new types of 3d model to be added to Sear with only one or two additional lines of code to the existing source. A similar system has been setup with the rendering code, although not as yet to the same extent.

Another major change is how commands are associted with the console. Originally all commands were predefined in one method. Now each object has to "register" a command with the console before it can be used. This design is to allow commands to be added (and eventually to be removed) at runtime.

Another introduction is the State Loader class which allows users to change the OpenGL state settings for each model type.

2002-July-3 - Latest Developments!

The latest Sear source in CVS should now allow Cal3D models to use texture files other than RAW. The total range is determined by the SDL Image library, but PNG support is included. This has not been tested due to lack of media on my part.

The next big feature of Sear will hopefully be 3ds model support through the use of the lib3ds library.

2002-June-16 - Sear WF Website active!

The Sear website has now moved here!