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User Guide for Mason

So you've managed to log in and have wandered around a bit and view the scenery. Now what? Read on to find out how begin in the game of Mason.

The Sty and Pig Seller

The pig seller

Your first task is to first obtain some food. if you look in the top right corner of your screen, you will see that the status bar (red) is quite low. If this reaches zero, you die, however you will only need a little food to keep you going for a long time. Many items count as foods, including acorns!

Your main task is to buy and raise a pig. First find the pig seller (called Dyfed Searae) and make sure that there are pigs in the sty. If there are none, then the following process will just result in loosing your money. If there are pigs then to buy one you need to say "I would like to buy a pig" to the pig seller (Note: This is case sensitive). You just need to be close by the pig seller. The seller should respond by telling you that pigs cost 5 gold coins. To pay the seller, move the mouse cursor over the seller which makes the seller the target entity. To give the coins to the pig seller, move then mouse cursor over the seller and select him. Then either type "/give 5 coin" in the console, or open the inventory and select a coin and press "give". Do this five times. This will give the coins to the seller and in return you should get a pig. Beware however, the pig seller won't sell you a pig at night, nor will you get a pig is the sty is empty. He will just keep your money instead.

The pig under an oak tree

A pig underneath an oak tree

Now you have your own pig, you need to fatten it up before you can sell it to the butcher for money. You can do this by feeding it. The Mason world has several food items that the pig will eat, such as apples and acorns. These can be found by the trees that produce these items. If there is no food items by the tree, touching the tree (move the mouse cursor over the tree and use the "/touch" command) will cause the tree to drop its food, if there is any available. If a pig in near the food, it will automatically start to move towards it and eat it. To control where a pig moves, you need to "touch" it. The pig will then move away from you.

There are several hazards to pig farming. The most common hazard is skeletons. These will chase the pigs around the world. However, they can be destroyed by "touching" them. They stay dead until the lych respawns them. Another hazard is the wolf which also chases pigs, but it cannot be killed. The most dangerous hazard is the crab which will eat any pigs it finds.

A Skeleton

A skeleton

A lych

A lych

A Wolf

A wolf

Not everything is dangerous and there are several other creatures that inhabit the world.

A Squirrel

A squirrel

A Chicken

A chicken

Selling a pig

The Butcher

The butcher

Pigs are sold to the butcher. To sell a pig, you need to locate the butcher, and show him the pig. Tell him you are interested in selling a pig by saying "I would like to sell a pig". He will ask you which pig you want to see. Show him by selecting the pig in your inventory, and pressing the Wield button to hold the pig in your hand. The butcher will offer you a price. To accept the offer, give the pig to the butcher by selecting him on the screen, selecting the pig in your inventory, and pressing the Give button. You will then get some coins back in exchange for the pig. The exact value depends on how fat the pig is.

There are a set of features allowing you to equip and use objects called tasks. By equiping an axe, you can use it to chop down a tree, then use it again to create lumber. Equiping a scythe and using it on a grassy area allows you to collect grass. Equipping a shovel allows you to collect sand.

That's it! You should now be well equipped to continue your adventure. You may wish to visit the village. There are also many tasks to perform.