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Recommended Hardware Specification

One of the goals of Sear is to run on a wide a range of hardware as possible. However as it is a 3-D application and does not have much optimisation, reasonably modern hardware will be required to run it. A 3-D accelerated gfx card with Open GL 1.2 or greater compatible drivers are required.

The table below describes the reported performance of different spec machines.

Machine SpecComments
P4 2.2gHz 1Gb ram
Geforce4 4200 Go 64Mb
Runs well, although starts to stuggles at resolutions greater than 800x600. Currently developed at this spec.
800mHz Duron
Geforce2 MX
Poor performance reported.
AMD 800mHz 512mb ram
Geforce4 MX
Poor performance reported.
Apple PowerPook 15" 1Ghz (512mb RAM, Radeon 9600 Mobility) Runs acceptably, but with low (single-digit) frame rates in busy areas.
Apple PowerMac G5 Dual 2Ghz (1Gb RAM, Radeon 9600) Runs very well, maximum frame-rate is limited by current Sear rendering design.

There are a few ways to try and increase the performance of Sear. The first thing to try is reduce the resolution that it is running at. Other ways involve changing variables related to far clipping plane distance, fog distances and distances between rendering high, medium and low quality models.