QClient is a WorldForge client that is based on the Quake 1/Quake 2 rendering engine. QClient leverages existing and proven 3d technology created by the community that has evolved around the Quake 1/2 codebases. QClient will also use WorldForge libraries (such as Eris) to connect to WorldForge servers and utilize WorldForge services. QClient has chosen to use the battle tested technology of the Q1/2 engines because of the well understood nature of these engines as well as the mature tools, art pipeline, ample documentation and active development community that surrounds the Q1/2 engines.

QClient goals....

There is a large community surrounding the modification and improvement of the Quake 1 and Quake 2 engines which id Software has placed under the GPL license. We plan on leveraging the effort of this community and the improvements they've made to the Quake 1/2 engines to create a client which will provide a functional client with relatively little coding effort.

What is QClient NOT meant to be?

QClient isn't the final answer to anything. QClient is merely a means for artists to develop media for right now and give anxious WorldForge gamers something fun to play right now. QClient is a bridge technology that will allow artists to create interesting games while waiting for other WF 3d clients mature. Using a Quake based client will ultimately be unacceptable as a long term client solution for WorldForge unless substantial rewriting of QClient occurs. We hope that this is not necessary and that a WF 3d client will emerge as a viable alternative to develop media for.

Why is QClient needed?

Creating a state of the art 3D client is very difficult and requires a major commitment of time even for very experienced developers. Add to this problem the need for tools and exporters surrounding a 3D engine/client then the barrier to entry becomes quite high. All of this development takes time so until a robust, mature and stable WorldForge 3d client surfaces we will use QClient as a vehicle for which to develop media for. This will allow artists to see their work in WorldForge games as well as provide a future source of media for future WorldForge 3d clients.

QClient Development

QClient development occurs on cvs here:

Make sure your cvs client uses SSH tunneling with CVS. Contact bear (bear at code-bear.com) for a cvs account. No anonymous accounts are available at this time on bear's cvs server (the regular WF cvs is another story). If you have any questions regarding QClient feel free to stop by irc at irc.worldforge.org on #phoenix channel or join our mailing list(s).