About Mist

Mist is modular Java-client. First goal is to provide full OOG capabilites with pluggable 3D and 2D IG modules. Actually anything that extends mist plugin class can be plugged into client and activated.

Client can now connect to Cyphesis or STAGE and has support for multiple chat rooms. However only STAGE support this feature.

Available Components

Server Room

ServerRoom is only module that is not yet loadable as plugin. However it is going to be loadable as any other modules are. Server room is basically page where user picks server, enters required information to log in and initiates login sequence. In future server room will also show information about selected server if it is available.

Chat Room

ChatRoom is OOG (Out Of Game) part of client. Initially after login, user is automatically joined to room known as 'lobby'. If server supports multiple rooms user can join existing rooms or create new chatrooms. The goal is to create IRC kind experience with similar command line interface.

Dock Operation Dump

This is shown as 'Dump' in toolbar. It is here for debugging purposes only. All Atlas messages coming from server are dumped here. Ok - at least should be dumped if Eris-java relays them in first place.


Isometric view plugin. I used Frost codebase on this one. Cleaned up Tile engine that uses Hardware acceleration if it is available. There is still long way to go untill you can actually play the game with this but you can view maps now. And if you login to server and enter the game - you can see yourself as blue bounding circle.


Topaz is developing Java3d based plugin. It is also in very early stage and not playable. This required Java3d installation.


Unofficial distribution with some instructions can be found in http://gfire.mine.nu/mist/. I call it unofficial because you can't actually play and there is no installation program or single file to download.

Testers and Developers Needed

I could use some help in testing and developing. I am in need of CharacterRoom for character creation, inventory plugin and character status plugin. If you feel like you could do some team programming contact me 'jouni rajala at kolumbus fi'.