Geosil is a flexible and portable client for Worldforge. One of the main features is the highly adaptable and dynamical user interface based on OpenGL. The actual world is rendered in a window (or several windows) of said user interface from a third-person top-down perspective in real 3d. Target platforms are Linux, Windows, BeOS and Mac.

Latest News:

Development news - [24. August 2000] Beosil
The whole GUI system was redone from scratch, it is now designed to be as flexible as possible. There are some nifty features, like fully skinnable windows/controls, shadows and translucency. It is based on SDL and OpenGL, so it runs on any platform supporting those. What about some screenshots? Well, here is one of the current main-menu of Geosil and here is another one showing different window skins.

After looking at different 3d modellers, we came to the conclusion that we need a self-made character animation tool for Geosil, called GAS (Geosil Animation System). Current features are:

Take a look at this screenshot.

Btw. the less news there is about Geosil here, the more it is worked on. =P