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Frost is a 2d isometric Java WorldForge client no longer under active development. It was designed to be portable, robust and maintainable, responsive, and easy to use.

What worked
Capabilities: chatting on STAGE/Cyphesis works fine. Logging, emotes, whispers, and shouts are fully supported. Playing Mason is partially supported. Improvements are being made.

Features: Frost connects to both Cyphesis and STAGE, and loads and displays almost all the entities on the map. The tile map renderer works: so does the user interface, Atlas-Java, chatting, inventory, key-commands, graphics support, animation, movement, file management, xml parsing, and the dynamic media downloader.

What didn't
Frost cannot be used to play a complete game of Mason.
Frost's other flaws are tracked in CVS and on Request Tracker.


CVS always has the most current version of Frost. The most recent stable release can be downloaded from the /pub/clients/frost directory on any of the WorldForge FTP sites.

All you need is Java 1.3 or later. Download Frost and run it without graphics. If that works, you will want to enable entity and map graphics in the Options screen. Frost downloads media dynamically downloaded from an HTTP server when you start playing.

Modifying Frost
All my jar files include source code, and Frost can be found under CVS in forge/clients/frost/. Frost is licensed under the GNU General Public License; please feel free to copy and modify my ideas.


Sunday, May 19th, 2002: The animation system has been rewritten, the interface is being redesigned, and even more bugs are being fixed. I'm going to try to get Frost ready for Mason 0.0.2.

Support questions, feature requests, bug reports, and general feedback can be directed to the current maintainer, below. If the game crashes, please include a copy of the frost.log file with your email to help track down the problem.

Current Maintainer: None.