Gui Library Workshop

Time: At 2001-11-30
Place: in #dime at

Irc log

GUI Library Workshop in #dime.


This summary by zzorn.


We identified some things that a widget base class (Component) should handle:

ParaGui is still a bit doubtful a choise as a GUI library, because it's C-like use of macros and callback functions, that could be hard to integrate with a C++ GUI wrapper lib.

We considered writing our own GUI library from scratch. The problem with this is that it would take time, and we wouldn't advance on the battleplan. We could use ideas from existing libraries such as Java Swing, ParaGui, libUta, etc, to speed up the design work.

We also considered starting with libUta, and removingunnecesary parts and refactoring the rest. LibUta is a GUI library that Karsten developed for UCLient, but that he is no longer maintaining, because it tries to do too mch (SDL C++ wrapper, GUI toolkit, etc). LibUta uses libSigC++. IIRC, there was some portability issues with this at some point. Also, it might not be very flexible.

We will be working on Dime during weekends. Both nikal and zzorn can spend around 10-15h on it each weekend.

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The next Dime meeting is at 15:30 GMT, 1st December, in #dime at