Archived News

2002-Feb-04 - Implementational Document about Dime's Data Model added

First attempt of implementing the Data Model. Suggestions/corrections absolutely wanted.

2002-Feb-03 - Dime Design Document added

I wrote a design document that describes the internal architecture of Dime. It brings together many of the things that we have discussed and designed in IRC, and should give a clearer idea for both Dime developers and other interested developers about the design of Dime.

Also updated the look of teh dime main page a bit.

2002-Jan-30 - Updates and GuiService

Added GuiService to the services document, and also wrote some general musings there about Commands.

Also updated the front page a bit, marking out of date sections so.


2002-Jan-28 - More services

Added new services (Configuration, Input, Logging and Test) to the services document. Also, added a little color to the news :).

Added a few services with descriptions to the services document.
Updated the battleplan to better reflect the current plans.
Dime developement is progressing again at a nice pace. Recently the detailed architecture has been hashed out in more detail, and implementation is underway on the initial 0.0.1 release. As always, you can get a good idea of what is going on by looking at the Dime IRC bookmarks. I also added a list of data model top level contents to the Data Model design document.
We had a good Project Meeting, mostly discussing the Meadow GUI toolkit, and related issues.
We had a GUI Library Workshop in #dime.