Old Clients

These are the clients of the WorldForge framework which are now longer in development.

The general place of client discussion is the client mailing list. Also each client usually has its own irc channel on irc.worldforge.org (#sear, #ember, etc.).

Test Clients

These clients are not meant to be playable. They are tools used to test and debug specific parts of the WorldForge framework.

By AlRiddoch
Experimental codebase to trying and testing 3D client ideas for worldforge.
text/2d client originally by Demitar recently updated to the latest Atlas/Eris libs by HagenM

Inactive Clients

These are the clients no longer in development.

2d Isometric Linux and Windows client originally by Karsten and now maintained by Malcolm
2d Isometric Java client by ZephyrAlfredo
Mist(Lvl 3)
the java client mist
2d Iso Linux and Windows client by Karsten
(needs to be moved over from the old site)
3d client by Sal
3d client by Beosil (not currently being developed)

Client Articles

Our vision of the client applications
General Articles
Articles of general interest to Client developers
Compliance Levels
Howto to become an "Official Worldforge Client"
General top level client things you can do to help
Meeting Summary
Minutes from Client Meetings

Client libraries

Client Object Aggregation Library
A library used by client to load and manage maps.