Script Repository

The Script Repository is a warehouse of persistent scripts that resides on the game server. Its sole purpose is to store Client scripts that can be run whether the Client is connected or not.

Uses of the Repository

  1. Disconnect Scripts - Players can write simple self-defense scripts to protect their character from the hazards of fragile network connections. Without some sort of server-resident control logic, your character will fall into a coma every time your connection fails. If you're in the middle of combat, too bad. You'll end up dead through no fault of your own (unless you're the one who forgot to disable call waiting...). This is neither fair nor realistic. People don't just go limp and unresponsive for no reason; their brains don't frequently detach from their bodies. To deal with this problem, the Script Repository will allow the Player to define at least a default behavior that can kick in when they get disconnected. For example, you could tell your character to run away from all combat when you lose your connection.

  2. Offline Scripts - Aside from emergency bail-out situations, it would be nice to have a standard routine that your character goes through each day when you're not around. If he's a shopkeeper, then maybe he'll get out of bed in the morning, eat meals, tend the shop, and wander off to the bar after closing time. Maybe he'll spend some quality time with his kids. (c: By putting an offline script in the Script Repository, you can declare this day-to-day behavior differently for each character you play.

  3. Shared Scripts - What if you decide to write a common combat script for everyone in your party to use, to coordinate and automate their actions during battle? If you store it on your Client machine, you'll have to use that machine everytime you want to run that script. If you (or anyone in your party) ever logs in from a different machine, they'll have to run without that script, even though in real life their character would not have forgotten their teamwork behavior. This is unrealistic, and can be solved easily through the Script Repository.

  4. Published Scripts - Another good use of the Script Repository is as a database of common scripts that anyone can use. If you don't know how to write WorldForge scripts yet, you can browse through the published scripts. If you need a generic shopkeeper script for your new basketweaving character, you can grab the standard one, then tweak it to match your needs. If your basket weaver isn't a drinker, then you remove the command(s) that sends him to the bar, and so on.