Scripting FAQ

Q1 - What is a script?

A script is a command or group of commands that the Client sends to to Server to execute. It may consist of a single command, like "move to that tree", or a complex group of commands and decision logic similar to a computer program, like something that tells the server that you want your character to "guard this cave until reinforcements arrive, unless I'm outnumbered or severely injured".

Q2 - What does the script do?

Scripts are used for two main purposes: 1) to control your character when you're not around (see the Script Repository for more info), and 2) to make it easier to represent complex actions as a single batch command.

Q3 - Where do I edit scripts?

The game client is your script editor. A graphical client would allow you to automatically create scripts (probably without you even realizing it) through simple mouse operations. When you click on that rock to move it aside, your client is really creating a script to send to the game server, with your character Id and the rock's Id, the direction and magnitude of the force, and the "push" command.

A text client might allow (or force) you to write scripts directly.