Artificial Intelligence

Emergant Behavior

One thing that would be interesting for someone to explore in WorldForge is the concept of "monster herds" with preferred locations, ability to reproduce, etc.

A system called 'subsumption' is available for us to draw upon. It is based on modeling "behaviors" and "stimulus" as C code and messages. When half a dozen or more low-level behaviors are programmed (e.g., hungry->get food; bright light->hide; stuck->wail; etc.) then they will start to interact. This is "emergent behavior" and is often desireable in an evolutionary sense.

In this system, the programmer can go back in and add additional behavior to curb or modify the emerging ones. There is even an ability to implement "cusp" behavior (where the reaction to a stimulus produces multiple responses depending on the approach) that will, for example, restrict the dragon from attacking if it recognizes you are making friendly moves. The result is an intelligence that builds very quickly yet can implement complicated dependencies.

The author of this code is an avid RPG player, and might be interested to see this added to WorldForge. Bob Racko's company DPRC licensed it from him.