Circe is a Roleplaying system that Bryce Harrington has been working on since 1995, and has been used in table-top RPing campaigns. It gets away from the traditional AD&D setup in that there are no levels or classes. It also includes an original combat system in which mere kobolds or goblins could overwhelm mighty heroes simply by force of numbers, and a magic system in which mages may spend weeks locked in their studies, tweaking that new spell they're working on, and possibly trying to optimize it. Please note, however, that these rules as mentioned here are directly from the table-top version, and have not yet been adapted to a computer RPG environment. Therefore, many things will very likely be changed for implementation into Dural, especially things where referees are needed. Playtesting will also certainly weed out any problems. Also, the full system isn't here just yet - simply bits and pieces to give people a feel for the system.

Bryce has generously made circe available under the GNU Free Documentation License or the GNU General Public License. Here are the documents as released:

The magic rules are still in development, and not as complete as the rest of the ruleset.

The current version is available in the cvs repository (forge/rules/circe) in DocBook sgml. Once conversion and editing is complete, we'll post here a new version based on that source.