Long before WorldForge began, I took to reading daily. It tended to be quite entertaining, and especially helped a lot for the MUD I was working on. It gave me new ideas to use, an opportunity to see the suggestions of people for UO, a chance to see some of the neat stuff OSI tried that worked and (especially later on) what failed horribly. Now, we've learned a lot from what not to do from UO, and it even served as early inspiration with our skill system, justice system, and more. These days UO seems to have given us all the wisdom it has, but on the horizon lurk many more such opportunities. Making massive online RPGs has suddenly become a big trend for companies. The big ones (both out and in development) are Middle-Earth, Asheron's Call, and EverQuest. Each of these games gives us a chance to see how other people are dealing with goals similar to ours. Not only that, but they provide very nice feedback from players of these games. They give suggestions on "wish lists" and write long editorials about why something happened in their game and how they think it should be changed. So, naturally, we should sieze this golden opportunity. That is what this section is for. For links to notable sites (eg, the *vaults), and interesting places (eg, ME's "wish list"), and to post good articles we find. So look at the sites, the places, and read the articles. Hopefully you'll get as much inspiration from them as I have. And if you find a good article or site, then this is the place for it so that everyone in the project can see it. And for what it's worth, the last time I looked at ME's wish list near the beginning of the Project, we had almost all of the cool features they listed.



Sites with worthwhile content about other online RPGs

ACVault: - Major news source and more for Asheron's Call
EQVault: - Major news source and more for EverQuest
MEVault: - Major news source and more for Middle-Earth
UOVault: - Major news source and more for Ultima Online - The offical site for Middle-Earth - The offical site for Everquest - The offical site for Ultima Online
Grams Place: - No longer being updated, but contains lots of great rants about UO and interviews/chat logs for AC and EQ
Mu Rants: - Almost concisely listed frustrations.


Places that hold particually useful content
Middle-Earth Wishlist: - The Famed Wishlist of ME, good for seeing what are popular things that people want
Middle-Earth FAQ: - Good for a quick summary of how ME is handling certain things
EverQuest FAQ: Good for a quick summary of how EQ is handling certain


These are the best articles we've seen that have things which are important to WorldForge
"Building a Community" by Saturnino Idalen
"Avoiding a Catastrophe" by Saturnino Idalen
"Beyond PKilling: How to Sanitize Online Murder" by Sayeed
"The truth about player killing?" by Cerastus, XP-Cagey
" A Letter from the Dungeon " by Earnest Adams.

Computer adventure gaming in general:

Ultima Online: