Site Maintenance and Deprecation

WorldForge has been around for a long time, and a lot of information has built up on the site over the years. Many people have left, goals have changed, and much of the information on the site is no longer relevant to our current goals. Members of the team are going through the site aiming to improve is relevance. In the interests of preserving old pages which may still be of interest to someone, some parts of the site are being marked as deprecated. These are areas which are no longer being maintained by anyone in WorldForge, and are probably not relevant to the work we are doing at the moment. Links to these areas from the main site should show up in a redder colour and entry pages to deprecated sections will be marked with a banner like the one immediatly below:


This section of the website is no longer maintained, and much of its contents is almost certainly out of date.

If for any reason you think a part of the website has been incorrectly deprecated, please let someone in the web team know, or if you are already a site editor, correct the error yourself.